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Motor Vehicles

Members of the University in statu pupillari who are in residence in term or in the Long Vacation period of residence are required to have a University Motor Licence if they wish to keep motor vehicles (other than mopeds) within 10 miles of Great St Mary's Church. Students who have MA status or who are members of the Senate do not currently require a licence. The former office of Special Pro-Proctor for Motor Vehicles no longer exists and licences are now issued under the authority of the Senior Proctor, who has the power to impose a fine of up to £175 for breaching the regulations on the keeping and using of motor vehicles and to suspend or revoke licences.

The issue of a licence is conditional upon meeting certain requirements relating to insurance and the availability of authorised parking for the vehicle. A motor licence is not a parking permit and does not entitle the holder to park on University premises without separate authority.  Licences will only be issued upon recommendation from a College Tutor and they are only available to undergraduates who have not already kept 9 terms if they meet particular conditions.

The issue of licences is carried out on behalf of the Senior Proctor but is not done by the staff of the Proctors' & Marshal's Office. The Senior Proctor does, however deal with any disciplinary matters relating to licences. Please read this notice:

Proctorial Notice: Motor Licence 

Tutors Note: 


 To obtain a licence you should match one of the following criteria:

  • be a graduate of a university
  • be an undergraduate who has kept or been allowed nine terms of residence
  • be an undergraduate who has not kept nine terms but has exceptional individual circumstances, e.g. medical problems or special needs related to academic work
  • be an undergraduate who has not kept nine terms but who will use the vehicle for the purposes of a University Department, or a University or College club or society

Apply online

You can apply online using the link below:

Online application form

You will need to upload scans, photographs, or electronic versions of your:

  • driving licence (both sides);
  • vehicle registration certificate (V5C, aka "logbook");
  • certificate of insurance; and
  • tutor's note of recommendation for a licence.

You cannot complete the online application without all of these documents, so please ensure you have them to hand before you start. Your documents will be checked, and if your application is approved, your licence will be sent to you at your College in the internal mail.

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This page was last updated in May 2018.