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The Proctors' and Marshal's Office

Welcome to the Proctors' and Marshal's Office, where you can find the information you need about who we are and what we do.

Two Proctors are nominated by the Colleges every year, and usually serve for one year as Pro-Proctor, followed by one year as Proctor in office, and then a year as Deputy Proctor.

There is also a Additional Pro-Proctor for Ceremonial.


Special arrangements have been in put in place for Registered Societies for the period March-September 2020. All current and former Registered Societies have been contacted. For further information, please email this office or see and


Proctor's Surgery

The Junior Proctor is available for a drop-in session from 2.00-2.30 pm on Wednesdays of Full Term in the Proctors' Office, The Old Schools, or at other times by appointment. Members of the University are welcome to come and consult us about any matter. You can also contact us on   first to let us know you are intending to visit. 

University Discussions

The Proctors will read contributions to Discussions of the Regent House on behalf of those authorised to participate.  However, contributors are encouraged to attend and present their contribution in person if they can.  Any such contributions need to be received electronically to  no later than 10:00am on the day of the discussion.  The document should include:

    • The name of the person contributing, and their status and department.  e.g. University Lecturer, Dept. of Physics or Bursar, Clare College, for example
    • The topic set for discussion for which this contribution is to be read out and the text to be read


Student Society Registration

The system now works through upload to Moodle for authorized Society officers.

New Registrations and Re-Registration will need to be emailed to the Junior Proctor. Registration will take place from Michaelmas Term until the divide of Lent Term, thereafter registration will not be considered until the following Michaelmas Term.