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The Proctors' and Marshal's Office


The practice of Sermons in the University Church dates back to at least the year 1300 and was recognised in the earliest University statutes. It was not until the latter part of the twentieth century that Sermons ceased to be delivered weekly during Term. There are now six Sermons each year.

All sermons (apart from Mere's Commemoration) take place in Great St Mary's, and start at 11.15am. All are welcome. Members of the University should wear academical dress. Members of the congregation are invited to join the preacher for a glass of wine and discussion after each sermon at the Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street.

Michaelmas Term 2023

University Sermon, Sunday 15 October
Ms Chine McDonald, of St Catharine's College, Director of THEOS. 

Commemoration of Benefactors, Sunday 5 November (scarlet day)
The Revd Dr Helen Dawes, of Trinity College, Principal of Westcott House (Lady Margaret's Preacher).

Lent Term 2024

University Sermon, Sunday 28 January
 The Revd Michael Parker, KHC, Chaplain-General to HM Land Forces 

Hulsean Sermon, Sunday 25 February
The Revd Dr Harriet Harris, MBE, Chaplain, University of Edinburgh (Hulsean Preacher).

Easter Term 2024

Commemoration of John Mere, Tuesday 23 April (11.45am in St Bene't's Church)
University Sermon before King's College, Sunday 12 May 

University Sermon, Sunday 26 May
The Rt Revd Dr Paul Swarup, of clare College, Bishop of Delhi, church of North India. (Ramsden Preacher).


Transcripts of some past University Sermons may be found on the Great St Mary's website.