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The Constables

The Constables

The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge have the power to appoint and swear Constables under the Universities Act 1825. 

Each Constable is appointed for one year from 1st October, and their part-time contract is renewable. On appointment Constables swear an oath to faithfully carry out their duties, and have all the powers of a constable within a five-mile radius of Great St Mary's church.

Names of all current Constables

Leanda Ager

Brian Anderson

Michael Arnold

Tony Barnfield

Rachel Begbie

Cheryl Bowran

Ray Butler

Kipp Cooper

Lena Dahlen-Pledger

Roger Fensom

Lorraine Fernandez

Jenny Hyams

Priti Ladwa

Steve Morgan

Gerry Norden

Ben Phillips

Lynn Phillips

Jennie Rawlins

Richard Rickcord

Mark Whitehead

Simon Whittaker